Born and raised in the Bay Area, California, (as well as Australia and Japan), to Filipino immigrants, Paul’s visual education began with science/wildlife documentaries, comic books, and graffiti art.

- School for Field Studies, Amboseli National Park, Kenya
- BA in Film Production/Minor in Ecology, San Francisco State University
- MFA, University of California at Los Angeles, Cinematography Program
- Camera operated for Johnny Simmons, ASC
- Electric for Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC and Phedon Papamicheal, ASC.

- 2008, awarded the “Golden Star” for Best Commercial Cinematography for CAMINOS, a cell phone ad campaign showcasing the diversity of Bolivia.
- 2009, 35th Huelva Latin-American Film Festival in Spain, awarded the ‘Colón de Plata’ for Best Cinematography for feature ZONA SUR
- 2009, named one of Top 10 Visual Artists in Bolivia by Cine Con Crystal magazine.
- Received international critical attention for the cinematography of ZONA SUR in which every scene was covered in a one-shot rotating master.
- 2015 YVY MARAEY official selection: Berlinale 2015, CameraImage 2014, NY MOMA 2014
- Represented by APA

His visual work spans the globe through music videos, commercials, art installations, shorts, documentaries, and feature films.

The world through his lens is impossibly candid, tastefully simple, and intriguingly stylish. From gritty documentary handheld to slick fashion images, his diverse visual palette consists of contrasting pieces with strong visual direction.

If he’s not on set, he’s playing soccer.

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